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Vacation School

We do not always know what to do with our spare time. The usual daily rush is intense. School for some, college for others, but for all of us some form of work. Vacation therefore is precious time.

How about taking advantage of these days off to get to know new things and learn and partner with God in life transformation projects, for both yourself and entire communities.

The Vacation School at YWAM is an opportunity to have an incredible new experience with God.


Begins: Jan 03, 2017
Ends: Jan 20, 2017


Registration – R$ 50,00
Course – R$ 450,00
Lectures, outreach, housing and food.



  • Pastor Recommendation;
  • Be 15 years of age or more, and in the case of minors under 18 years, parental or legal guardian consent;
  • Submit a completed and signed application.


Some topics covered in the school

All the topics covered, bring an understanding of the essence of the course and practical application.
Some topics covered in the school are:

  • Missions;
  • Intercession;
  • Quiet Time;
  • Worship;
  • Fear of the Lord;
  • Evangelism…

Additional school information

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Questions about the School?

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Rua Josadark Alves de França, 11
Santa Mônica - CEP 54767-620
Camaragibe – Pernambuco / Brazil
Mailing Address
Caixa Postal 64 – Camaragibe
CEP 54765-970 – Pernambuco