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Impact Ministry

Evangelistic Outreaches

Major national celebrations such as Carnaval, June festival and even some religious events or pilgrimages, attract a large number of people who often don’t even know the real reason for the festival. Many times during gatherings like these, people are soul searching and just waiting for someone to share the real meaning to life and who Jesus is.

Evangelistic Outreaches are used as a strategy to preach the gospel in places where there are large concentrations of people. This type of work is important because there are always lost people in a large crowd and they are open to being shown the way. We are reaching them in their own environment and on their own terms.

Another very important factor with Impact Ministry is that we get the opportunity to colaborate with local Churches during the event. We all work together for the same purpose, which is to establish the Kingdom of God in the city. Impact teams create change by creating awareness of the necessity to preach the gospel in and out of season. In addition new bonds are established with local churches.









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