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Every Christian plays a key role in the Great Commission. Matt 28:19

You can get involved with YWAM Recife in a number of ways. Become a volunteer, participate in an outreach or a short term course, become a supporter, or complete our initial training course (DTS) and join us as one of our staff as a missionary. Please contact us to find out more. We’ll look at your current professional or ministerial profile and help you make the choice that is right for you.


Why YWAM Recife?

At YWAM Recife our mission is to help make it possible for all the nations of the earth to find their identity and dignity in God, through Jesus Christ and a Biblical Worldview. This begins in our community.

Here in Recife, we were initially called to bring the Father’s mercy heart to children and adults at risk. Today, however, our focus has been broadened beyond our city.

Now we are actually reaching out to other continents through training, discipleship, and service opportunities to influence all areas of society with God’s values and principles. Each of us is called to fulfil this mission.




Niko is designed to develop leadership skills and achieve higher levels of personal growth in those who participate…

King's Kids

Is an international ministry that seeks to lead children, adolescents, young people and families to a real knowledge of who God is and then share His love to families around the world.

Impact Ministry

Impacting major national celebrations such as Carnival, June festival, The Beer Festival and other religious events or pilgrimages with truth and God’s love. Many who attend these celebrations are often ignorant of the true reason for the festival…


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