Hope House


Hope House

Restoration Project

Hope House is our home for boys between the ages of 6 and 12, who undergo a family and social reintegration program. Our program basically works in six areas: Spiritual, educational, family, physical, social and professional.

It is our goal to educate these boys and to nourish them with the love of Christ. To provide them with safety, personal attention and to help them heal from their past and prepare them for the future that lies ahead and reunite them with their family under close guidance.

Our boys:

The brothers Kaike and Lívio come from a broken home. They were used to live on the streets at day and sleep at their home at night. They have been living at Casa Esperança for a year now and are making a lot of progress.
Both boys have now started to go to school. Livio is now learning to read and Kaiki is learning to read and write better.

Matheus (nine years) has been at Hope House for almost five months. He has lived difficult life of abuse and neglect but at Hope House he has a found a home where he gets attention and care and where he can learn to play again.


Arlan came to Hope House when he was 11 years. He went through our programme and like any other kid that come from a
broken home, he needed to go through healing. It was really hard for him to understand the love of God. When he was 18, he decided to do the disciple training school. After the DTS he came back to be a staff for our boy’s house. He always had a heart to help and encourage others, to tell them that there is hope. Today Arlan is 24 years old and he is working in Denmark as
a missionary. We are so happy to have been a part of Arlan’s life.


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