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Claiming Victory

Niko is designed to give participants the opportunity to be trained in leadership and achieve higher levels of personal growth. Niko also seeks to prepare adolescents and young people for cross-cultural and multicultural missions, an area that often requires a deep commitment to overcome pressures on their character.

NIKO allows learning through doing, rather than just listening. You will begin to learn what motivates you, as well as what your particular style of leadership is. We give special priority to teamwork and perseverance. You will be challenged to use your initiative, creativity, compassion, responsibility, and trust through service to others. You will be challenged to discover both your strengths and your mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional weaknesses.

Your relationship with God and with others will be tested and proven through new experiences and physical challenges. You will learn to confront leadership problems and personal growth. These achievements will help you when faced with life decisions.

NIKO works four basic areas during training: Leadership styles, Giving up your rights, Teamwork, and Serving.


September 7 to 10, 2017


R$ 220,00



  • Be over 14 years old;
  • Complete application form.

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