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Today, while many of us are looking the other way the new generation is moving further and further from God’s purposes. The media bombard values contrary to the Word of God and young people absorb these ideas as if they were the absolute truth. But it is not, and we know it!

At King’s Kids we are standing up in support of children, adolescents, young people, and their families, so that they can know who God is and have a relationship with Him. The ministry seeks to transform lives through the power of God, equip, mobilize and send out young people. Its aim is to form structured groups in the Churches and train people who can lead these groups. One of the great strategies that God has given us is the use of vacation camps together with seminars and networking groups in the churches.

These camps are usually held during the holidays, when we can bring together a large number of teenagers who are looking for a different experience to talk about when they return to school. King’s Kids is such a success in these young lives that we regularly have parents come to us after the camp saying, “The change in my child is incredible, visible and so much for the better. Thank you.”

Campanha Artes Urbanas 2017 Pt2

E se o teórico foi bom, já imaginou o tempo prático????
Foi um tempo onde tivemos a oportunidade de usar as estratégias que o Senhor nos deu para compartilhar sobre o amor dele lá fora. Algumas pessoas aceitaram ele como Senhor de suas vidas, outros foram abençoados com orações, e todos de várias formas tiveram a oportunidade de ouvir sobre o amor dele. Não se preocupa nós registramos tudo pra você ficar por dentro!
E lembra.. na próxima você não precisa ser só o telespectador, você é bem vindo pra viver esse tempo com a gente!
#KK2017 ??#campanhaartesurbanas

GARABATTO feat. Charlee Muse – Ignite

Publicado por KK – King's Kids / Jocum Recife em Sexta, 3 de fevereiro de 2017


Begins: Jan 8,  2017
Ends: Jan 28, 2017


Registration – R$ 50,00
Course – R$ 350,00







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